Game craps rules: master dice game in no time

Game craps rules casino

Craps – is a popular type of games on luck, that enjoy players all around the world. It’s famous and loved worldwide because it’s really easy to master, it has own majestic atmosphere and it’s really thrilling. Dice games don’t require any special skill, basically, you need to rely on your luck and just enjoy the process. It’s moment, when you fully forget about own stress and just keep being interested in situation on the table.

But, you can always get closer to the winnings and increase your chance to hit a massive jackpot, if you carefully learn rules and apply different strategies on your game. In this article we’ll going to teach you main casino craps rules and teach you how to choose casino with best payout percentage. Honestly talking, those lifehacks will be useful even for experienced player, cause some people even perfectly knowing how to play game can’t choose a decent casino and always get less money than they can.

Simple craps game rules

Craps basically counts as one of the easiest games on gambling field, because rules are short and very understandable. It’s not type of games, where you can try huge variety of strategies, apply your skill and decide the ending of the round. Here most part of winning depends from your luck and ability to predict different combinations. But of course, knowing rules will add you more chances to win money.

That’s why we prepared for you simple craps rules for dummies, so that you will quickly understand main idea even if you don’t have any experience of playing gambling games:

  • First and main of game craps rules – at the beginning of each round you need to place a bet on pass line or don’t pass line;
  • Betting rounds start from come-out roll. Also remember, that player who throw the dice in craps called “the shooter”;
  • When you are done with your bet, you need to press button and throw two dices on the table;
  • Number 7 counts as not very lucky one, so beware betting on it, especially if you are playing for real money;

As you can see, rules of craps are very simple and it won’t take you much time to understand how to play it. But we want to remind you main rules for players who choose playing in game on luck. If you have long row of losses – don’t try to play over and over again. Better chill, relax for some time, and then, when you’ve managed to deal with your emotions, come back to game and try again.

Gambling platforms where you can play craps with safe payout services

Playing gambling games, you should not only master game, but also choose trusted casino with high payout percentage. That way, your winnings will be bigger and you’ll be more motivated to hit jackpots. We’ve collected the most high-rated craps casinos, that you can fully trust:

  1. LeoVegas – learn basic game craps rules and try playing your first game on the best craps gambling platform;
  2. Royal Panda;
  3. Vulkan Vegas;
  4. BetItOn;
  5. 888 casino;

We hope, that our review was helpful to you and you will enjoy playing craps games on mentioned gambling platforms.

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