How to play craps casino game – learn the principles and tips for beginners

how to play craps casino game online

This game uses a unique gaming attribute – dice. The result of the game is defined by the number that appears on the sides of dice. When the player bets, he locates virtual chips on an exact section on the table trying to guess what that result may be. If the guess is right, a good sum will fall into his pocket. Due to its uniqueness, a big part of Australian gamers loves this game a lot.

Any participant cannot influence the result on dice because it is provided by a random generator. However, the number of possible combos is limited and all odds have been calculated and put into various strategies and methods. This means that the gamer’s decisions can significantly change the path of the game. This includes the order of the player’s moves, what exact moves he makes, what bets he puts and with what sums, and so on.

How to play casino craps: key principles

Participants throw dice in turn. If the first one fails, the turn is moved to the second one, and so on. In the beginning, everybody makes the first circle of betting. After it, the come-out round is opened by the throw of the first participant and the received number defines the following development of the game:

  1. if it amounts to a 2, 3, or 12, the croupier calls craps, which means that the shooting participant loses, but throws again;
  2. if it amounts to a 7 or 11, the croupier calls natural that means that the shooting participant wins and throws once more;
  3. if it amounts to any other number, the croupier calls point that means that this number is fixed and the shooting participant begins to make throws until this number is received once more and brings the victory to the shooter or until a 7 is received and brings a losing to the shooter closing the round.

If the situation develops as the last one with receiving a 7 in the point round, it is called “seven out”.

Bets to start the game with

When the Australian gamer learns how to play craps game, he needs to start with studying the table marking for betting. The game has too many options for betting and of course, every player will remember and understand all of them with obtaining more experience and practice. However, there is a list of options that will be helpful for those Australians who just start their gambling path in craps:

  • they should begin with Pass or Don’t Pass; these are two opposite bets with a 50/50 probability of winning – it eventually will be one or another; these bets are made before the come-out roll; Pass succeeds with a 7 or 11 or an established point; Don’t Pass succeeds with a 2 and 3 or “seven out”;
  • they can pick Come or Don’t Come to make following the point; they are similar to prior bets with the identical ratio;
  • finally, they can consider Field (success at a 2-4, a 9-12), Place, or Buy (an exact number to appear prior to a 7).

Beginning with the most probable options, gamers will feel the taste of the victory and learn more about the game.

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