Craps table layout

Craps table layout: how to play dice

The craps game is designed for guessing: the gamblers are trying to guess how much of the two dice will be obtained after the shooter’s throw, and make an appropriate bet.

You should learn the craps table layout to now how to bet.

Short descriptions of the craps table layout

The rules of the game in craps require knowledge of the bets on the gaming table. Let’s take a closer look at Vegas craps table layout.

  • Pass Line – the bet of the first stage of the game. If 7, 11 are thrown, you win, with 2,3, 12 – you lose;
  • Don’t Pass Line is the opposite of Pass Line and is done in the first stage. Winning is at 2.3, losing is at 7, 11, returning to the player at 12;
  • Come – a bet of any stage, placed on the next Point. Drop of 7, 11 – win, drop of 2,3 and 12 – loss. Any other number will already be Come Point, so the bet will move to the corresponding sector of the table and can win if Come Point falls earlier than seven. You cannot change, remove a bet until the end of the game;
  • Don’t Come – bet after determining Point. At 12, return to the player, 2,3 wins, 7, 11 loses. Any other number creates Don’t Come Point, so the bet goes to the corresponding sector of the field;
  • Pass Line Odds – an additional bet to increase the existing Pass Line after determining Point;
  • Don’t Pass Line Odds – an additional bet to increase the existing Don’t Pass Line Odds when Point is determined;
  • Big Six – a bet on a thrown of 6 before 7;
  • Any Craps (C) – bet on the thrown of 2, 3, 12 in the next throw;
  • Craps Two – Bet on the next thrown of 2;
  • Big Eight – a bet on a thrown of 8 before 7;
  • Craps Twelve – Bet on the 12 in the next throw.

And this is not the whole list of craps table layout betting.

How to play craps

At the start of the round, players are invited to bet on different fields. The main task facing you at the moment is to guess the number that will fall on the dice. If you play in an offline casino, then one of the players will become a shooter. Everyone has the right to throw dice.

For a better understanding, we break the game process of craps into 2 stages – a Come Out roll, as well as a Point roll. So, in the first stage, the Point will be set if the total on the dice is 4,5,6,8,9,10. If the number is fixed, the second stage of the game called Point begins.

If the above numbers do not drop out and the shooter throws 2,3,12 – he and the other players who bet on him lose, and the dealer announces Craps. If the sum on the dice is 7 or 11 – this is the so-called Natural situation. We continue to roll the dice until we lose or establish the Point number. Craps table layout explained how to play this game and how to make bets.

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