Craps how to play and win

Craps how to play

Craps game has been known to people for many years. Previously, this competition was played by gamers in their homes or in small land-based clubs. Today, when gambling entertainment has moved to the online format, Craps can be found on almost all modern gambling platforms. If you want to know Craps how to play and win, then read the Craps rules review below.

Popular strategies to play Craps

The game Craps is not like other casino entertainments. There are no cards like in Poker or Blackjack. Here you will not see a spinning wheel and a huge field with markings, as in Roulette. Craps is a simple but very special that is preferred by real experts of a good traditional game.

In order to understand Craps how to play, you have to learn the basic rules of this competition. Here are two cubes, they are also called – dice, a table with special marks and sides. The Craps game can be played by several players at once, who take turns betting on the result of the throw. If you choose a virtual battle, then everything happens exactly the same way, just in the format of a computer version.

At the start of the round, the shooter throws the dice, and another participants make stakes on various combinations. There are several kinds of bets here. The first stake is called Pass Line. Users make it and win if the shooter throws 7 or 11. The second kind is usually made on the fact that the player will lose. If the shooter gets 2, 3, then the bet is triggered. If the number is 12, the round ends in a general draw. The third type of stake is very similar to the first one, since it is usually placed on the first point. The bet will be won if you get 7, 11. The reverse result will be in the case of a 2, 3, or 12 lunge. This bid is also called exit.

In order to win you need to know the basics of Craps how to play, as well as the best strategies of this exciting battle. We offer you several proven options:

  • Craps betting system called “Iron cross”. You can only lose using this method if the number 7 falls out. Any other result brings a victory;
  • Method of playing by the Point number. According to this method, users make only those bets that have the least advantage of the club. Very often, such a method brings victory to online casino gamers;
  • Collect, press, regress (CPR) – a universal tactics to win a virtual club in Craps. With this Craps strategy, you will understand Craps how to play and win quickly due to the fact that you will wait out losing rounds even with a small bankroll;
  • 5 Count is another famous strategy designed for use in offline casinos where real players roll the dice.

Craps in a real format will definitely give you more drive. However, by choosing an online Craps casino for Craps how to play, such as Come on casino, you can enjoy the gameplay on the monitor screen, where realistic graphics and a great bonus program are presented.

Professional tips

If you really want to learn how to play Craps, the first thing you need to do is learn the basic Craps rules and remember the types of stakes that put in the game.

Another important point – each virtual casino gives players certain odds to win the game Craps. These coefficients may differ in different clubs. Therefore, before choosing an online casino for playing Craps, find out for yourself the mathematical superiority of the club in different types of bets. So, on some bets, the RTP level is 100%, while on others this coefficient is kept at 80%.

Novice gamers of Craps should remember that in the online version, it is impossible to predict the result. Here, everything depends solely on the random number generator, so only luck affects the victory in the Craps round.

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